"Bonnie Posselli, winner of the Purchase Award, combined her favorite "winter colors" with a new texturing and layering technique she's been developing to create her winning painting, "Rock Cliff." One of the lucky few who can make a living by painting, Posselli is a popular attraction at The Willaims Gallery, Eagle Gate Plaza and the Torrey Gallery in Torrey, Wayne County. Recently she's been making sojourns to Latin America, a move that has paid off in fresh material and insights. "I've made five trips to South America," she says, and each time I've done paintings from the trips. I enjoy the work of Latin America artists; it is very loose and colorful and features a lot of people. They do much more with personalities than landscapes." A former student of Alvin Gittins, Posselli has also done her share of portraits.



An artist for 25 years, she continues to explore and expand her vision. Her willingness to press on the frontiers, always makes her work provocative."

Jerry Johnston
August, 29, 1999